Broadband FM is going international.
The RSGB O.F.s can “wheten there belly`s” ,as we say in the Netherlands!

Stuard G1FFR , our BAR clan member in Stockport
UK will recieve a little pakkage soon , with some metal and a little , rather populair printboard.

He said that if he had one , he could and would build his own wide conversion system. Frank PE1EVL intercepted those words out of a qso Stu had with Chris RWE , and donated one of his printboards.

But as many of you know , some projects end up like a solderd , tested but uncassed experiment in some corner of a ham`s shack. And deu to the L.O.
this converter can`t do without it.

But how can you send a fragile tin 80 x 80 x 35 mm tin box with a printboard safely to the U.K.?

Again the “tinabaker” (“blikunbekker” copyright AWB) provided the answer. With this mirraculas system RWE made a cassing that is only 6 mm
thick and caries and protects the printboard in the mail!

So Stu , leave your keyboard and heat up your soldering iron!

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